Water's Off at the Garden

Hello fellow gardeners,

Fall has been generous to us at the new Cambie & 59th Temporary Community Garden––plenty of sun, warm days, and rain when it counts. A quick glance at the weather forecast, unfortunately, and you'll see those warm days are now behind us.

Here are a few garden updates for November:


Water has been shut off for first frost and will remain off until the final frost date in spring.


Note that despite the cold weather, the garden will remain open all through the winter. Chances are slim you'll get much growth out of your beds at this time of the year, but feel free to frequent the space any time you like.


Here's an example of a garden bed that has been cleared of plant matter and nicely mulched. If you happen to have leaves kicking around your front yard, why not add a couple handfuls to your bed? There's really no such thing as too many leaves––go crazy.

Stay dry out there!