Born in Montreal and raised in Toronto, Chris moved to Vancouver, BC in 2008 to continue his work in environmental and sustainability industries. While studying Environmental and Resource Studies in Waterloo, ON, Chris planted over ¾ million trees throughout Eastern and Western Canada. Tired but determined, Chris continued his work in the reforestation industry as a field manager, then shifted his focus into the office, where he worked on developing projects in the forest carbon market industry within BC. In 2011, Chris acquired start-up funding to develop Shifting Growth, an innovative registered charitable organization with a mission to build temporary community gardens on private vacant land. Shifting Growth morphed into Community Garden Builders, which Chris guides today.




Certificate in Project Management (2017)

This program is designed for experienced professionals, aim to build their knowledge and skills in project management to more effectively plan, collaborate and execute projects. The curriculum is compatible with the project management industry standard set by the Project Management Institute (PMI)® and the PMBOK® Guide Body of Knowledge. The Business Analysis specialization provides a foundation of business analysis tools and is aligned with the IIBA body of knowledge (BABOK®). 



The Certificate for Community Economic Development Professionals (2015)

This Certificate program provides the latest tools and approaches for practitioners to contribute and build a sustainable, local economy. With a deeper understanding of the role of economic development in sustainable community development, this program focused on sustainable methods and solutions that can be implemented by neighborhoods and communities with limited resources.



Certificate in Carbon Finance (2011)

The Centre for Environment’s Certificate in Carbon Finance provided a thorough grounding in a field which aims to help society meet its need to reduce greenhouses gases (GHGs) as rapidly as possible. Carbon Finance explores the financial implications of living in a carbon-contained world. This program focused on applying innovative market instruments and solutions toward achieving solutions to mitigate climate change and GHG emissions.



Accredited Professional, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (2007)

LEED AP ID+C specializes in design, construction and improvement of commercial interiors and tenant spaces that offer a healthy, sustainable and productive work environment. LEED is a green building rating standard that aims to help building owners and operators be environmentally responsible and utilize resources more efficiently.



Diploma in Environmental Assessment (2006)              

This Diploma focused on the Environmental Assessment (EA) process at both the Federal and Provincial levels. The EA process provides a mechanism for reviewing major projects to assess their environmental, economic and social sustainability impacts. The assessment process is needed to ensure the issues and concerns of the public, indigenous populations, interested stakeholders and government agencies are considered.



Bachelor Environmental Studies, Honours (2006)              

This Bachelor program within The Department of Environment and Resource Studies (ERS) focused on the sustainability and ethics of solving environmental problems, ranging from water and food to energy and biodiversity, utilizing techniques and ideas from many disciplines to seek integrative solutions that cross the boundaries between the natural and social sciences.




Executive Director, Co-founder - Vancouver, BC (2011-current)

Shifting Growth is a registered Charity with a mission to transform vacant property into temporary community gardens. The Society builds, maintains and manages food-growing gardens and growing space. Chris has proudly served as Executive Director since co-founding the organization in 2011, guiding the organization from start-up grants to developing a self-sustaining revenue model. Responsible for all activities of organization, including:

  • Staffing/Volunteer Management: Manage various part-time staff, private contractors and public volunteers. Have 600+ gardeners participating in garden activities every year.

  • Sales & New Business: Acquired short and long-term land-use agreements service contracts with large corporations/landowners. Compiled RFP’s for new garden builds and managed retail sales of garden beds.

  • Grant Writing: Authored grants totalling over $150,000 during the startup stages of the organization. Sources include: Government of Canada, Province of BC, City of Vancouver, Vancouver Foundation, Enterprising Non-Profits, Vancity, Shell, Real Estate Foundation of BC, Rotary Club and many other.

  • Media, Social Media, Website, Graphics: Manage Twitter (@ShiftingGrowth). Designed and created website. Developed and created all Shifting Growth visual content (logo, visuals). Experience with media through interviews/coverage.

  • Budgeting, Bookkeeping & Accounting: Bookkeeping with detailed knowledge of Quickbooks. Manages online retail store. Activities include quoting, invoicing, AR, AP, Taxes, Payroll, Annual Reports.

  • Property Management: Acquiring and managing over +$150m in commercial vacant property as temporary community gardens. Community relations, property management, stakeholder dialogue.

  • Board Management/Administration: Completed all paperwork/admin for incorporation as non-profit Society and federally registered Charitable organization. Provides ongoing administration requirements/governance of Society and Charity. 



Owner/Operator, Founder - Vancouver, BC (2015-current)

The Garden Hinge is a packaged, raised garden bed kit sold at retail. The kit includes wood (Western Red Cedar), screws and our unique corner brackets which assemble to create a stackable, adjustable raised garden kit. This unique type of raised garden be is perfect for constructing temporary raised garden be atop shipping pallets. The Garden Hinge kit creates a quick, raised garden bed for urban and residential use.



Visionary/Architect- Vancouver, BC (2015-current)

The Community Garden App is the world’s first custom software designed to assist Garden Managers running and operating community gardens. The software includes all the tools a Garden Manager needs to run a garden: sign-up gardeners, collect fees online and much more! Our software directly increases the capacity and efficiency of the local food system by making community gardens more accessible and efficiently managed..



Pollinator, Co-founder - Vancouver, BC (2016-2017)

The Canadian Pine Pollen Company harvests, processes and distributes pine pollen from pine forests of Western Canada and Asia. Working with the local pine pollen community in BC and China, the Vancouver-based company brings the highest quality pine pollen, managing the entire processing from harvest to packaging. Pine pollen is an edible health food product harvested from wild pine trees. The golden pollen 'super food' is extracted from our proprietary processing method, leaving behind an edible golden pollen product that is a rich source of phyto-angrones (plant-based hormones). Pine pollen can be found in most specialty health food stores.



Project Manager, Forest Carbon Division - New Westminster, BC (2009-2011)

Forest carbon projects & new business development. Coordinated, scouted and researched potential ecosystem services and forest carbon projects throughout BC and Canada. Developed thorough understanding of Provincial and international carbon markets and climate change policies.



Research Lead - Vancouver, BC (2010-2011) 

Researched business plans for entrepreneurs and lead a team of researchers in drafting business proposals, plans and packages for venture capitalists. PTV has been working to commercialize high-growth business concepts since 1985. Gained valuable early stage business planning, specifically building investor-ready business plans.



Field Supervisor/Foreman - Throughout remote BC (2008-2011)

Responsible for the management of multiple reforestation field crews each with over a dozen crew members. Chris performed work in remote locations for large consecutive lengths of time. Adhered to strict standard-operational procedures and workplace safety regulations. Gained skills in logistics, complex team dynamics, production-based management and project management. 



Contract Work (Events, Communications) - Vancouver, BC (2009-2011)

Contract work, assisted with event co-ordination and re-election campaign.



Community Coordinator - Vancouver, BC (2010-2011)

Managed community tree planting ceremonies & events throughout the Lower Mainland. As a representative of Tree Canada, Chris acted as the liaison between corporate clients and local community members. Coordinated full-day events with hundreds of participants, including speeches, giveaways and volunteer management.



Client Manager/Sales - Toronto, ON (2008)

Facilitated the ‘greening’ of companies through products and services. Worked with clients throughout Canada coordinating orders of environmentally sustainable products. Managed sales of products, conducted internal environmental audits and assessments for clients with the goal to reduce their carbon footprint.



Sustainability Coordinator - Toronto, ON  (2007)

The NOW House was Canada’s first residential retrofit of a war-time house into a zero emission household - creating a model for home owners to identify individual energy efficient projects/technologies which could be allied to their homes. As the Sustainability Coordinator, Chris researched, compiled and visualized potential ‘green’ technologies/retrofit.






  • Computer literacy: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Prezi, Illustrator, Inkscape, Quickbooks, Sketchup, Twitter, Google for Business (SEO, Adwords, Analytics), Website Design & Development.