A Warm December at the Cambie & 59th Garden

Hello fellow gardeners,

Happy holidays, and thanks for signing up to the new Cambie & 59th Garden!

Here are a few updates you should know about:


The garden is open year-round, although we don't expect things to get started in a big way until Spring. You can expect to have the hoses set up again after first frost (late March/early April), and look out for an announcement about our first ever Meet & Greet event in April. This event will serve as the official deadline for paying your garden fees.

Note that the beds you've been allocated will not change with the new year.


It was a tough choice, but we have selected a winning photograph in our Annual Photo Contest. This photograph was sent to us by Mary, a gardener from our Broadway & Victoria Garden. Here's what the judges had to say:

"We love how evocative this image is; it brings us right back to those dry, smoky August days. There's something wonderful about the contrast between the nourishing water in the mid-ground and the hazy sun in the background. The photograph's apocalyptic overtones made us wonder: what kind of a world will this young gardener inherit?"

Thanks to all those who participated!