Getting Going at the Cambie & 59th Garden

Hello and welcome to the Cambie & 59th Temporary Community Garden,
We invite you to make the most of this unique space by treating it like your own backyard and filling your plots with delicious food and beautiful flowers. We hope you discover that rare magic of living in a big city and growing your own vegetables, but most of all, we want this project to be a source of relaxation and fun!
Here is a brief FAQ to read through before getting started:
What does ‘temporary’ mean?
We have a land-use agreement with the landowner to make use of the site through to fall of 2019. We can’t guarantee the future of the garden beyond this date, but we can guarantee that we’ll do everything possible to keep the garden in place for years to come.
When can I start gardening?
Right away! The garden is always unlocked, although we ask that you keep your visits to the site during daylight hours. It’s a little late in the season for most crops, but there are a number of cold-hardy vegetables you can plant for late fall eating. Check out this integral resource from West Coast Seeds for ideas.
When is the deadline for paying my garden fees?
We ask for $15/bed for the growing season, which in this case doesn’t officially get started until spring of 2019. We’ll have an official Garden Opening event in April to welcome everyone to the site, and this will serve as our payment deadline for the 2019 growing season.
How does it work with water?
You will find a simple On/Off switch on the east-facing side of the garden shed. Simply turn the switch to On and the hose will pressurize with water. When you’re finished watering, make sure to turn the switch to Off.
Are there tools in the garden shed?
Yes. We have some basic tools for public use in the cedar garden shed. The combination for the lock is 000.
What about green waste?
Any plant waste you generate (like clippings, roots, or weeds) can be placed in the Green Waste box near the garden shed. Please keep household compost and/or garbage out of the box, as well as big, heavy clumps of soil. We will remove the green waste every few weeks.
What are these plants doing in my beds?
Because it’s so late in the growing season, we wanted to make sure there was something growing in the garden through the cooler months. You can either keep the flowers/herbs that are in your beds or relocate them to a nearby bed.
Am I required to volunteer my time to the garden?
Not at all. Unlike many community gardens, there are no requirements for volunteering. Our biggest ask is that you tend to your garden beds regularly; too often we see beds go untended and without watering, especially during the summer months. Growing space in Vancouver is a rare gift, and we hope you value it just as much as we do. (And if you discover gardening isn’t for you, no worries! Just let us know so that we can allocate your beds to a gardener on our wait list.)
Can I drive right into the garden?
No. If you’re required to drive to the garden, we ask that you park on 59th or nearby streets. Please do not park in the alley, as the City is known to ticket there. Parking in the alley also inconveniences our residential neighbours. Thanks for your understanding!
Who do I get in touch with if I see something out of place at the garden?
Any and all concerns about the site or your experience on the site should be sent my way: For garden emergencies, please make use of our phone number: 778-381-8337. And be sure to look out for our monthly Garden Newsletter in your inbox. These little ditties are our way of communicating important garden information and updates, as well as growing advice and seasonal recipes. Let me know if you’re not receiving them!


Now is the time to get your garlic in for summer 2019 harvest. This video says it all in terms of where to get your garlic (the grocery store, farmers' markets, etc), how deep to plant it, and some other tricks of the trade. Well worth the 12 minutes!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch!