Raised Garden Beds For Your Garden and Workplace

Growing your own food, flowers or plants is one of the more satisfying sides to life. Whether it’s for you backyard, around your home or your workplace, a raised garden bed can bring you both enjoyment and connection to the diverse world we live in.

Whether you’re looking for garden boxes, raised garden beds, wooden planters, portable garden beds, raised planters or elevated wood planters, we have a variety of different garden boxes and raised beds for you to choose from and grow in.

Handmade with Western Red cedar in Vancouver, British Columbia, our raised garden beds are durable, affordable and long-lasting, and they come in various shapes and sizes, so you can customize the look and fit! Perfect for grass, gravel, pavement or rooftop. Set up takes seconds: simply unfold our unique garden hinge bracket and stack. Check out our online store: https://www.communitygardenbuilders.com/garden-bed-store