The beginning signs of fall

Hello fellow gardeners,

September is the month where the season really begins to show that it's on the change. With cool mornings, orange/yellowing tints in the tree leaves and plants throwing all their energy into ripening their fruits, bolting or going to seed. Lucky for us, fall is also a time of bounty and excess. Tomatoes, squash, beans, potatoes, radishes, corn and many other vegetables are coming into their full colour and sweetness. The soil is still warm enough to germinate those same cold-hardy seeds you first planted way back in the spring.

Here are a few garden updates for September:


It's not too late to start planting your fall/winter garden. Here is a link to a great guide/resource made by West Coast Seeds outlining which are the best veg to plant and when


Harvesting your vegetables is one of the greatest pleasures. It feels obvious and silly to remind gardeners to pick and eat their food, however there's nothing worse than watching vegetables and greens over ripen, wilt or rot because they've gone unpicked for weeks. Get picking and fill your bellies with fresh veg!


Keep up the watering!! Even though the season is changing it's still dry out there and any extra water and/or a steady watering routine will boost your garden and provide you with the tastiest, healthiest and scrumptious veggies.


We're collecting photographic memorabilia of the garden for 2019! If you've got a great picture you'd like to share (of gardeners, garden beds, or garden food), send it our way:

One gardener from each garden (who submits) will be chosen for the best pic and will receive a special prize.


Here is great video for making the most of your tomato harvest. If you're one of the lucky gardeners with a large yield of tomatoes, this is a recipe for you!