Get watering and keep your plants hydrated

Hello fellow gardeners,

there’s no denying it, summer is (almost) here, the weather has been consistently hot and the plants are growing with the vigor, speed and the tenacity that should inspire us all.  

It’s a great idea to re-seed your spring greens to have another crop ready to begin harvesting in few weeks, if you haven’t already.


With this heat, it's a good idea to plan on visiting the garden every 2 to 3 days to soak your soil.  Early morning watering is the best time of the day to water your plants as the leaves can dry off during the day and reduce the growth of blight and other crop destroying furry funguses. Second best (and perhaps more realistic) is to water during the cooler evening hours. Watering during the hottest midday hours can scald your leaves and fail to penetrate those deeper layers in the soil where you want your roots to dig.


If you're going to be out of town for more than a couple days, here are the three best ways to keep your plants happy and well-watered:

1. Ask a friend or family member.
2. Post a request (with your bed numbers) on the Facebook Group.
3. Make use of one of the Please Water signs. These should be returned to the garden shed when they're no longer needed. Let's try and help out our garden neighbours who've placed the cedar signs on their beds.


Nozzles will start to wear a bit from over-use and if you're comfortable doing so, feel free to trade out that busted nozzle with the brand new one we have stashed in the tool shed. Let me know in a message so I can get another spare in there if there is not one in the garden shed.

And be sure to get in touch if the system's either leaking or not working properly. Hoses and nozzles are the number one thing that breaks/malfunctions during a gardening season.


Maximizing your yields for the types of crops you plant is one of a gardener’s main prerogatives.  Johnny’s Selected Seeds has a quick, straight forward and simple succession guide to planting out your crops to maximize your yields.