See you at our Meet-and-Greet and plant sale in two weeks time!

Hello fellow gardeners,

Gardening season is officially here, and we couldn't be more excited. Imagine it: in no time we'll be garnishing our mojitos with garden mint and filling salad bowls with fresh greens. Farmer's tan, anyone?

Here are some pretty important updates to check out:


We'll be out on Saturday, April 13th at 10 a.m. to host a meet-and-greet event at the garden. This is a great time to meet your fellow gardeners, plant your first seeds and ask us any garden related questions you might have. We're excited to say that our friends from Victory Gardens will be out selling seeds and starts, so plan on taking advantage of their offerings. Rain or shine, but let's hope for sun!

This event also serves as the final deadline for Garden Registration and Payment.

If you selected the 'Pay By Cash' option in our online registration, this is a good opportunity to settle up.


If you haven't yet registered and paid for your beds, here's the link to our online garden sign-up. Please make sure to register before our meet-and-greet event in April.

Note that all returning gardeners must complete their Garden Registration and pay their Garden Fee for 2019. Returning gardeners will keep the same beds they gardened in 2018!


We will be installing the hoses and activating the watering system in the coming days. As a reminder, the water is controlled by the (ultra obvious) ON/OFF lever, which you'll find poking out of the lower portion of the cedar garden shed in the middle of the garden.

****Please remember to turn the water OFF before you leave.****

This helps minimize the strain on the hoses, as well as the risk of geyser-like leaking.

Please let me know ASAP if one of the hoses has a leak or if one of the nozzles is broken. We'll make sure there's a spare nozzle in the garden shed for you to make use of for a quick swap-out, if you're comfortable doing so.


This spring we'll be supplying organic compost to boost your garden beds with nutrients for the growing season. Expect a big pile of dark, fragrant earth to arrive in the garden some time THIS WEEK! Make use of the shovel and buckets in the tool shed to add a thin layer to your bed(s) before planting your first seeds.

****A reminder: the combination for the tool shed lock is 000.****


After over six years of building and managing dozens of community gardens across the city, I've decided to move on to other opportunities. I'm stoked to announce that my successor is a truly wonderful guy and one of my favourite people: Andrew Hewins!

He'll be out with us at the Meet-and-Greet, as we spend the next month getting him familiarized with the garden and gardeners. He'll officially take over management duties for May. Come on out and give him a warm welcome.