Thick of Winter at the Cambie & 16th Garden (and it's not so bad)

Truly it’s been a delightful winter (so far), and we’re sure to see early growth in 2019, especially on cold-hardy plants like kale and snap peas.

For now, here are some updates for 2019:


We will officially start Garden Registration and Garden Fee collection in February.

Our deadline for registration and payment will be the Meet & Greet event in April (date TBD). Until then, don't sweat it!

And to clear up any confusion: returning gardeners will keep the same garden beds into 2019.


Springtime is when we tend to see the highest turnover at the garden, which means we'll be dipping into our wait list to fill the empty beds. If you know anyone who's interested in joining us, now is a good time to encourage them to sign up to the wait list. No guarantees, but you never know!

Here's link to sign up to the wait list:


January can be a dull month for gardeners, but despite the cold weather and the dark days, there are always ways to welcome spring into your home. A windowsill herb garden brings that freshness right into your kitchen, and the startup costs/effort can be pretty light. Any container will do, just make sure there are holes in the base for drainage. Here's a simple starter guide to indoor herb growing. You can always transplant into your garden bed come spring.

Happy New Year!