Make the Most of October With Fall Crops

Hello fellow gardeners,

Alas, it's safe to say that summer is behind us. But for those who love wool, and IPA, and pumpkin-flavoured everything, October truly is the most magical month. Here's to giving thanks for the simple ingredients that made our gardens grow all summer: sunlight, soil and water.

And here are a few garden updates for October:


As everyone knows, the 4th & Macdonald Garden is a temporary one, slated to run for the 2018 growing season only. We hope to continue the garden into 2019, but at this time, we don't yet know for sure. If the garden goes ahead, you will of course keep your beds from this year. Look for an update in the coming months––fingers crossed.


Most of us are starting to see a major slow-down in vegetable production, which is to be expected. If you are finished with your bed for the season, please take the time to clear out any dead plant matter and put it in the cedar compost box. We've added a second box to accommodate lots of green waste.

If you're keen on covering your beds for winter, consider using fallen leaves (which tend to abound this time of year) or even dead plant cuttings from your own bed. There are also cover-cropping options to check out.


A quick note about water: we will be shutting off the irrigation and removing the hoses in late October in anticipation of first frost.


We know, we know: why would you plant garlic if the future of the garden is unclear? It's a tough place to be in. But one nice saving grace about garlic is that it is very easy to transplant in its early phases, meaning there's always the option of relocating your shoots in months to come. Beyond that, garlic is one of the easiest and most reliable crops you can grow, not to mention economical (think about how expensive organic garlic is!).

Here's a video to get you started: