Our mission is to transform vacant spaces into temporary community gardens and growing spaces. 

our story

Since 2011, the team behind Community Garden Builders has been building temporary community gardens throughout the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, Canada. Community Garden Builders emerged from the commercial operations of Shifting Growth.

Shifting GRowth

The Shifting Growth Garden Society was established in 2011 with a mission to transform vacant property into temporary community gardens and growing spaces. The registered charitable organization was co-founded by Chris Reid and Troy Barrie. The two connected at a City of Vancouver ‘Un-conference’ where they began to brainstorm on what creative actions could be taken locally to create new accessible growing spaces in their community.


Shifting Growth has proudly completed projects with: UBC Farm, posAbilities/Can You Dig It, Tradeworks, YMCA, Take A Hike Foundation, Vancouver Foundation, Rotary Club and many other local non-profit organizations and schools using Shifting Growth’s temporary gardens for food-growing programs.

All garden building and property management is now carried out by Community Garden Builders, which was established to better achieve Shifting Growth’s mission of creating new growing spaces.


Our team


Chris Reid, chief Executive gardener

Chris has been building temporary gardens since 2011. He has guided operations throughout the years and always enjoys speaking about utilizing urban spaces for temporary growing.

chris@communitygardenbuilders.com (778) 938-5337


Adrick Brock, Garden Manager

Adrick has been managing the gardens for over 5 years, so he’s on a first-name basis with most gardeners. Be sure to say hello next time you see him out there caring for the site!

garden@communitygardenbuilders.com (778) 381-8337



Our garden projects have been featured in local and national coverage, with write-ups in: