The SSFU Learning Garden was a temporary educational and communal garden in the heart of The Simon Fraser University on Burnaby Mountain. The garden was constructed in 2013 for Sustainable SFU, who secured a short-term agreement for the property. Hundreds of students were consulted on the design and programming for the space. The final garden design took inspiration from Arthur Erikson's modernist sharp structures designed to respond to the natural conditions of the surrounding location.  The final garden setting seamlessly merges with Erikson's vision for the award-winning Simon Fraser University Burnaby Mountain campus architectural design. The garden had 65 garden beds, secure locking storage, seating for 25+, a three-tiered compost system, a white board and two community boards. 


The garden was decomissioned in 2016 and relocated to the west side of the campus. The new student centre was built in place of the temporary garden. This garden continues to be managed by SSFU - Sustainable SFU: Students for Sustainable Communities.

before garden installation

garden Design

During garden installation

After garden installation