Spring Is In The Air at Dunbar & 39th

Hello fellow gardeners, Spring is just around the corner––you can see it in the snow bells and crocuses––and that means we can start turning our attention to the business of gardening. Here are a few updates for the upcoming growing season, as well as some handy resources:


The garden is open year-round, but our official Garden Opening event will take place sometime April (TBA in the next newsletter).

This event is a fun one and not to be missed––be sure to look out for it! The Garden Opening also serves as the final deadline for Garden Registration and Payment.

If we haven't received your online form and payment by this time, your beds will be offered to a gardener on our wait list. If you wish to pay your Gardener Fees with cash or cheque, the Opening is a great time to deliver this method of payment.


We're still about a month away from ideal seeding conditions for most early spring crops (like radishes, spinach, mustard, kale and lettuce), but there's nothing wrong with planning ahead.

Last month's West Coast Seed Chart gave you some ideas about when to direct seed or transplant the full spectrum of veggies grown in our region, and while this month's resource from Huffpost (I know––who'd have thunk it?) covers some of the same terrain, it also offers a very handy companion planting graphic to help guide your choices of what to bunch together in your beds.

Here's to more sun, less rain!