April At The Dunbar Garden

Hello fellow gardeners,

We have set a date for the Meet & Greet event and hope you can make it out, rain or shine!


The Meet & Greet for the Dunbar & 39th Garden is scheduled for SUNDAY APRIL 15TH, and will run from 1pm to 3pm.

This is a great time to meet your neighbours and to plant your first seeds (if you haven't already). We'll be on hand to answer any and all gardening-related questions.

The event is also an opportunity for those wishing to pay their Annual Garden Fee by cash or cheque to do so, and it serves as the deadline for your 2018 registration fee. Please have your payment in to us by the 15th!


On that note, here is a link to our online payment page, for those looking to settle up with credit card: http://www.communitygardenapp.com/garden-fees

The fee for the upcoming year is $15 per bed.


Here's a refresher on the day-to-day function of the garden.

1. The garden is open dawn to dusk.

2. There are tools in the shed for you to make use of. Please hose them off before returning them to the shed.

3. The combo on the shed is 000.

4. The garden shed is also where you'll find the central valve for the hoses. We've got the hoses all ready to go and are just waiting for the water to be hooked up to the main city line––by mid-month, latest, we've been promised. Please make sure to turn the water valve OFF before leaving the garden!

5. Please get in touch with us about any garden-related concerns (such as leaky hoses, busted nozzles, theft, vandalism, or garbage). You can reach me at garden@communitygardenbuilders.com. For emergencies, call or text 778-381-8337.