It's darn hot out there!

Hello fellow gardeners,

The dog days of summer are upon us and it sure is getting hot and dry!  August is generally the month where people find themselves at the beach, holidaying, camping, trying to soak up as much sun as they can or escaping it. The garden beds are bursting with life and food which we hope are filling your tables, bellies and fridges.

Garden updates for August:

While biking around the city in July I couldn't help but notice how dry it was out there.  Remember to give your plants a good soaking every day or so.  Try testing how deep the water has penetrated the soil by digging down a bit after watering; it may surprise you how much watering it takes to get down to those roots

Succession Planting

Walking around the garden I can see how successful and bountiful the summer is becoming. I spot all different types of leafy greens bursting out of the soil and growing towards the sun. Make sure you continue planting your successions of crops to continue harvesting all through the summer and into the fall. Here’s a great resource from West Coast Seeds to plan out your next round of plantings.

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Gardening Tips:

Even though the days are still long and hot, now is the right time to start planning and planting your fall and winter crops to make the most of this years and next years growing season.  Our friends at Victory Gardens have great little video explaining our growing zone, the difference between winter and over winter growing and give some great tips.

West Coast Seeds has a great digital pamphlet on spring and summer planting for fall and winter harvest. You can find the guide here.