Happy Summer Solstice

Hello fellow gardeners,

Happy Summer Solstice! The longest day has come and gone and we are now entering into the months of summer gardening. All the work that has been done over the past few months has really started to pay off.

The garden is looking great and we’re inspired by how much you are all growing.

Don’t forget to keep watering. It’s important to keep your plants well hydrated through these dry days. It’s only going to get hotter and it’s crucial you stick with a solid watering routine. Remember to put out “water me” signs if you know you are going to be away for more than a few days.

Garden updates for July:


Thank you for being so on top of letting us know when the water system needs attention. As a reminder, there is a spare nozzle in the garden shed. If you're comfortable doing so, we encourage you to make use of this spare and change out the dud.

Let's make sure the valve has been turned to OFF when we're done watering

Gardening Tips:

The days are now long and hot and with that heat plants begin to suffer. It’s a good idea to plant heat tolerant crops in the summertime to maximize your yields and enjoy some tasty vegetables. Here’s a great video by Curtis Stone on how to grow greens in the heat.