New Gardener FAQ

1) How do I join? Just follow this link and signup online!

2) Who can join the garden? Anyone! We aim to create an accessible, welcoming space for all community members to participate. 

3) What does it mean to 'join' the Atlin Temporary Community Garden? Each new gardener can sign up to use 1-3 garden bed(s) to grow food and flowers. Each bed is 4' x 3.3', offering 13 sq. ft. of growing space/bed. The cost of using each garden bed is $15/year/bed. This includes: access to great soil in a raised bed, water access (garden hoses) and monthly emails and updates. Please let us know if the annual Garden Fees are restrictive; we aim to create an accessible growing space for all community members.

4) How long will the garden last? In short: one growing season at a time. We take each year growing season by growing season, and we'll be sure to let any gardeners know about future plans for the property beyond winter of 2019.

Any more questions, please contact: